Prof. Yehuda Skornick – Senior Surgeon, General Surgery and Oncology Specialist

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Works with most insurance companies and HMOs.

3Prof. Yehuda Skornick, Senior Surgeon and one of the leading surgeons in Israel. General Surgery and Oncology Specialist.
Prof. Skornick performs surgeries and gives consultations in the field of breast cancer and gastrointestinal tumors, such as stomach, small intestine and large intestine tumors, and inflammatory digestive system diseases. He also provides consultations regarding various general surgery related subjects.

• Full Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.
• Served as the Surgery Department Director at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital).
• Currently serves as a private surgeon at Assuta Medical Center.
• Manages the surgical aspects at Clalit HMO.
• Former President of Magen David Adom emergency services. Currently in charge of the external relationships at Magen David Adom.
• Active in the “Advanced Surgery Group”, Assuta Hospital, Tel Aviv.
• Served as the Chairman of the Committee for the Early Cancer Detection at the Israel Cancer Association.

Recognized as a surgeon and consultant by most HMOs and insurance companies. Works with Clalit Mushlam as an external consultant. For a period of 3 years was engaged in continuing education program and research in the field of cancer immunology, Washington, USA (NIH).

Received awards for achievements in the field of cancer research on behalf of the Israel Cancer Association and The US-Israel Bi-National Fund.

Graduated from the School of Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Completed surgical internship at Hadassah – Rokach Medical Center in Tel Aviv and served as Deputy Director of the Surgical Department until taking the management position at the Ichilov Hospital Surgical Department.


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